Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wii Controller Holster

This item was born out of my own necessity. I've been working out using Biggest Loser Wii for about a month now. It was very frustrating when they would tell me to put the controller in my pocket and I don't have pockets in most of my workout shorts. So I created a holster for my Wii Controller.
This is actually the second one I made. My prototype needed improvements and wasn't really made for 'show'. I have been using the prototype in my workouts however and it works great! The Wii Controller Holster features cotton belting with a parachute clip to attach the holster around your waist. Cotton belting secures the holster to your leg using velcro for quick change overs to the other leg during workouts. There is also a flap to close the top preventing your controller from slipping out. This is made to be used with the Wii Motion Plus or without, or with a protective sleeve or without. I am selling this product for $12.

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