Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Wars Figures

I just finished the huge project I've been working on. I had an order for 3 sets of Star Wars figures for Christmas gifts. There are 12 figures in each set and she also ordered an extra Darth Vader and an extra Yoda. So that's a total of 38 figures! I've been working on them since around the end of October and finished the last ones last night.

The figures nearly filled this bag!
I couldn't resist getting pictures of them all together!

This is a picture of one set, plus the extra Yoda.
RoboBoy wants me to make a Darth Vader for him now. However, I'm not taking any more orders before Christmas. A huge thanks to Lucy Collin/LucyRavenscar for her wonderful designs!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally posting pictures from the History Faire

Ok, things have been crazy here, and I admit...I much prefer crocheting to taking the time to post on my blog. I had a wonderful time at the Pinellas Parent Educators Association's "Ye Olde History Faire". There were lots of us homeschool crafting families present to show off and sell our wares. There was also music and musket firing and a teepee village complete with "Native Americans", (kids dressed in costume). You could spot various people dressed in period correct apparel throughout the crowd.

My sign kept blowing over in the wind. I would like to get a banner with my logo on it for if I do more craft shows. Yes, I made the skirt I'm wearing as well.

 This little beauty is still in search of a good home. She costs $40.

These were a favorite of my customers. They are $15 for a set.

Not a very good pic of him, but this little guy is a turtle. He is $40.

This is the project that kept me busy for about a year or so.
We needed to get rid of the wall paper in our bedroom because we suspected there was mold under it. Yeah, we live in wonderful humid Florida! After all the repainting was done, I wanted a new spread for our bed so this is what I came up with.

I'm currently nearing the end of another rather large project. I will post pictures of it when I'm done. I also have 3 afghans to make for my Bro-in-law. Pics to come of those as well!