Friday, April 6, 2012

Catching up on Posting

Obviously, I am way behind on posting on here. So here we go! My brother-in-law commissioned me to make 3 afghans for him. He gave me complete artistic freedom on them. Told me that he will know who they are for when he see's them.

This is the latest one I just finished. There is Irish in our family so I figured that someone would love this.

I wish this one had turned out better, but it's still nice. It's based on a wedding ring quilt design.

This one is actually my very own design! I wanted to do something special for my brother-in-law because he does so much for other's all the time. He is Choctaw so I incorporated symbols from their traditions. The sun in the middle represents happiness. The alternating triangles are the same as what my bro-in-law has tattooed around his wedding ring finger. They represent the mountains and valleys of life.